WindLogger with 2 anemometers & wind vane

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This kit utilises the new WindLogger feature of having 2 anemometer inputs recording data simultaneously, so you can measure the wind speed at two different heights.

What is this good for? Mainly to calculate wind shear or more commonly used to extrapolate wind speed at a higher heights. Imagine you want to know the wind speed at 23 meters but your wind mast only reaches up to 18 meters. You could connect the top anemometer at 18 meters and the second one at 12 meters for example. With these two values you could extrapolate your wind speed at 23 meters without having to physically measure it. Just keep in mind it is not recommended to extrapolate more than 2/3rds of the top measurement point. 

This kit brings all the key features from a professional wind monitoring system but at an entry level price. The kit comes with:

 • new LeWL WindLogger
 • 1 x Combined anemometer with wind vane, with 13 meters of cable and attachment support for the mast
 • 1 x Vortex anemometer with 10m of sensor cable
 • Quick guide installation
 • Industrial grade batteries and industrial grade microSD card.
If you need more technical specifications about the new WindLogger and sensors, just follow the links above. For generic F.A.Q, click here.

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