WindTracker for Small Scale Wind Turbines

WindTracker is the simplest and most efficient wind data logger for Small Wind Turbines and with an Industrial IP65 design.

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Remote Wind and Rain Monitoring

Remotely monitor wind, rain, energy, live stock, temperatures, anything! Ideal for wind acoustic measurement and farming. Powerful web-based monitoring and management systems online.

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Small Wind Farming

Accurate and affordable wind monitoring for wind energy feasibility studies. Small and medium size wind turbine monitoring and wind energy projections with real wind data.

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GPRS Wind Monitoring

Remote, automatic time-series wind and meteorological data collection Live monitoring technology with built in GPRS, gives you access to your data 24/7

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Logic Energy designs and manufacturers dataloggers and Live remote monitoring solutions for all kinds of needs. Our specialisation is meteorological, weather stations and wind energy measurement for Wind Turbine investments.
All our data loggers are:
  • Designed in Scotland
  • Manufactured in the UK under ISO 9001 standards.
  • CE and EMC approved
With our Live Remote technology we are able to put you in contact with any of your sites or installations 24/7 in real time -. No need to wait for email or monthly reports. You know what is happening right away with any Internet enabled device like a mobile phone. 
You will find plenty of information about sensors and dataloggers here and some interesting articles on the Blog section, but if you feel you cannot find a solution for your needs, please contact us to arrange a demostration or to speak with one of our technical advisers.

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