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Data Logger Weather Station for Research and Events by WINDCRANE

Please check the lead times below at overview information

This product will be despatched within 5-10 working days.

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    WINDCRANE Max is for projects where more advanced monitoring is required and extra sensing. Super tough and weatherproof with a total of 14 sensor inputs.

    You can connect multiple different sensors for monitoring almost anything, from weather stations to energy, water level, pressure sensor, humidity, rain etc…

    Supplied with multiple sensors and can be mains electrical or solar powered.

    What we offer with our WINDCRANE DATA SERVICE

    Wind data is available via the Windcrane app or accessed (for full detailed data) via our cloud platform
    Multiple users access
    Data refreshed every 10 minutes showing max and average values
    Daily and Historical wind reporting for downtime proofs
    Customisable amber and red wind alert thresholds for safety notifications
    Safety wind alerts to your mobile
    24/7 remote access to wind data with cloud backup
    Technical support via phone, email or WhatsApp
    The 1st year wind data service subscription is included
  • Enclosure : Weatherproof Pelicase (IP67rated) with back plate for wall or pole mounting.

    Dimensions: 290x390x150mm(WxHxD when mounted vertically, incl back plate).

    Weight: 5kg approx (enclosure with logger, battery and input cables).

    Mounting: 4no10mm dia holes at 70x340 mm centres. (WxH).

    Supplied with U-bolts to suit tubular mast , M12 connectors for sensors/accessories.

    Sensor Options

    4 x wind speed anemometers(pulse/switch or low-voltage sine wave sensors).

    2x wind direction vanes.

    4 x analogue inputs (0-10VDC,0-3.3VDC,0-20mA)for other sensors:

    Environmental sensors: temperature, rainfall, solar radiation etc.

    Power and industrial sensors: current, energy metering, water level, etc.

    Internal temperature, humidity and barometric pressure sensors as standard.

  • Windcrane Max - Tech Specs.png

    Or you can find more information at its dedicated website www.windcrane.com

  • Suitable for extreme conditions researches, outdoor events or in isolated locations where there is no power.

     It is tough, durable and weatherproof and can be used under very demanding environments like the Antarctica or Atakama desert. Also research project was done in the Himalayas using WINDCRANE systems to discover how the local wildlife - such as yaks and snow leopards – are able to cope with the brutal weather conditions. Click the link to read the article about Himalayas project.

    For more info on monitoring , please visit our page company website.

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