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Data logger WindTracker

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Please check the lead times below at overview information

This product will be despatched within 5-10 working days

  • The new WindTracker is one of the simplest to use wind site assessment tools out there, yet it shares the high specification of the more advanced new WindLogger
    The new WindTracker automatically measures all the wind statistics for you. Just connect the wind sensor and let the Windtracker run. (No setup required if sensor bought from us)

    When you are ready to collect the information, just pop in the microSD card (supplied with the logger) and the WindTracker will transfer all of its data statistics to a simple text file on the memory card. Upload this file to our FREE online reporting tool and you'll have a simple yet very informative wind report for small scale wind turbines.

    Key features

    • No need for any analysis software, just a computer and web browser
    • Battery life up to 11 years
    • Fully IP65 weatherproof enclosure

    Designed in Scotland : Manufactured in the UK
    PLEASE NOTE: This product has a lead time of 2-7 working days. Please contact us for any questions. 

  • Download quick installation guide here and for more information see F.A.Q. WindTracker and videos on how to use it.

    - Please note that there's a previous version of the WindTracker which we have limited stock only. 

  • Specifications

    • WindTracker microSD card memory storage: Files in standard text format, archived into a single file. (Records total average wind speed, frequency distribution and wind rose) 
    • One anemometer and wind vane input: Measure wind speed and direction at the same time - Supports dry contact switch, hall effect switch or TTL level signal Wind direction input - Potentiometer type wind direction sensor - 16 bins wind direction (1 analogue input) 
    • Extremely Energy efficient: 2 x C type industrial grade alkaline batteries 1.5v - Up to 11 years of battery life (without memory card)
    • Mechanical information:  -20C to +50C (check with us first for extreme weather applications)
    • Sealed IP65 enclosure with cable gland for sensor wires 
    • Dimensions: 160x80x55mm 
    • Weight: 450gm including batteries 
    • Designed and assembled in Scotland

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Customer Questions

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Q: What is the difference between this logger and the WINDLogger?

A: The WINDTracker is a statistics data logger, the WINDLogger is a historian (or time series) data logger. You can see a more detail comparison between them here: https://www.windlogger.eu/pages/lewl-windlogger-vs-windtracker

Q: What ist the temporal resolution of the device? One single (actual) value every X seconds or is the device building some kind of mean value? Thanks, Christian

A: The WINDTracker collects statistics only: mean value, frequency distribution and wind rose frequency distribution. The WINDLogger collects historical data, 10 seconds (for testing purposes), 1 minute or 10 minutes. The data collected within these intervals is the mean average, the standard deviation and the wind gust. Also the wind direction and temperature if you have an external temperature probe connected.

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