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GSM Wind Advanced: A User-Friendly and High Performance Weather Data Logger

LeNETmobile GSM Wind Advanced provides significant advantages over conventional data logging devices. It is a plug-and-play solution that comes factory-configured and fully integrated with LeSENSE, the proprietary cloud platform by Logic Energy.

LeNETmobile GSM is designed to offer compatibility with a broad range of analogue and digital sensors, is capable of GSM communication, and includes a fully customisable web interface that is also available as a mobile application. In addition, each unit purchased integrates automatically with any LeNETmobile systems previously owned by the client, with no configuration needed. These performance features are complemented with a long-duration battery and virtually limitless data storage capacity.

Our technology can be deployed in any application where wind or other weather measurements are required, including weather stations, wind power projects and construction sites. Thanks to its input channel flexibility, LeNETmobile GSM can also be used in applications where wind measurements are not necessary, including:

  • Utility service metering: Electricity, gas and water.
  • Sustainable heating: Biomass boilers, heat pumps, solar collectors, combined heating and power.

A single LeSENSE web portal can consolidate the data from multiple LeNETmobile units, aggregating data and processing it into user-friendly charts and formats.

LeNETmobile GSM Wind Measurement Capabilities

Equipped with 14 input channels, LeNETmobile can be configured for the monitoring needs of any application. The unit can accommodate the following:

  • 4 digital anemometers
  • 2 analogue wind vanes
  • 4 digital inputs
  • 4 analogue inputs

The six wind data channels come fully configured with processing capabilities, providing data on average wind speed and direction, including standard deviation and wind gusts. LeNETmobile is fully compliant with the data requirements set forth by the IEC-61400 standard for wind turbine design. The unit offers a 0.001Hz resolution for wind speed measurements, and a 0.3° resolution for wind direction.

With regards to the other input channels, the range of sensors that can be connected to the LeNETmobile unit includes: rain collector sensor, pyranometer, temperature probe, relative humidity sensor, radiation-shielded temperature sensor and atmospheric pressure transducer. These sensors are available from WindLogger, and the unit is also compatible with Thies Clima, Vector Instruments, NRG and Secondwind.

LeNETmobile not only offers versatility and customisation with respect to the variety of data gathered. The unit also offers potent storage capabilities:

  • Data sampling rate: 1 second
  • On-board SD card allows up to 10 years’ worth of data to be stored
  • Connects to the LeSENSE web portal every 10 minutes, replicating stored information in a cloud database

Complementary Performance Features

LeNETmobile is a self-sufficient monitoring solution that does not rely on wired communication cables or power lines to operate: the unit can be equipped with a photovoltaic panel to self-recharge its battery.

In addition to the option of generating its own energy, LeNETmobile has powerful communication capabilities and can tolerate a broad range of temperatures:

  • Quadband GSM to guarantee long-range connectivity: GSM800, DsC1800, GSM850 and DSC1900. - Also 3G on demmand
  • Suitable for any temperature in the range of -20°C to +70°

The unit can also be configured to send automatic notifications to key personnel, making weather-sensitive assets much simpler to manage.

LeNETmobile and other WindLogger products are built on the decade-long experience of Logic Energy, experts in both software and hardware, and specialists in smart data solutions. Our technology does not only gather data, it ensures that such data provides the highest possible value to our clients.

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